It’s only fair since I am a mom and being a mom is my first priority, the one thing that consumes my life entirely weighs all on my mind. I have been thinking, searching, and still don’t know if im right or wrong but I mean maybe there is no right or wrong. That one thing is…

Being that perfect woman and mom!


Is it not about perfection? Is it about that cape we all wanna have, that cape that shows we’re kicking ass at mommyhood. You know…the Cape that has girl scout badges…ok so I totally made that up but we wish it existed something to guide us and motivate us. If we had a badge for being best cook, having the house clean all the time, being the sexiest wife of all time, working out everyday, looking 21 all the time, all while still being a mom. I wish to just have my shit even close to together.

Sometimes it comforts me to see that mom with a screaming toddler and a dirty shirt, that mom falling asleep in the lobby while her son gets a haircut, that mom catching up on work any minute they can, it helps me feel sane! Like “Great I’m not the only one!” Then I see those mom’s with abs, makeup and hair always done, being 40 going on 21, high end clothes and purses, and then that makes me feel like I need to have it together. Am I lazy? Am I not girly enough? Do I legit suck? How does one really have it together?


You don’t.  I guess no one does…ever. Maybe one day. I just wanna have normal things together like, showering everyday, cooking and cleaning 80% of the time, working out Atleast 3 days out of the week type of stuff. But you know what’s most important is being happy! A happy mom and wife is the best thing even if the house is a mess…

But when you become a mom sometimes this can sometimes be your unhappiness, the house being a mess, family having to have a sandwich for dinner…

Because we pressure the picture of only being valuable if we bring all of this to the household. But what about us? What makes YOU happy? Are we selfish if we’re happy? Who cares?! You are your own kind of mom! You have your own household now! Forget how your mom, or grandma, or aunts or friends have there things taken care of! We are ALL different and the only thing missing in a dysfunctional home is happy parents! So let’s do what works for us and put our happiness at 1st priority then the kids and household will carry on with us! I am enough! We are enough! It’s ok to be happy and take care of ourselves! Let’s be perfect mom’s! Happy moms!



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