Me. Myself, and Life.

Welcome to the life of the livin, the life truly being lived by dreams, by love, and by us. I am Maribel, I am a 23 year young chickadee, a mother, a lover, and a girl full of passion for life, I am Me. Who is that exactly? As my life is building itself before my eyes I’m still figuring it out. But aren’t we all? Do we entirely know who we are as we keep changing throughout life. Well we shall have no fear, this is what life is about. This life. The life of the livin!




That got deep huh? Lol. This blog is deep, it’s about life, about being a mom, about finding yourself, about career, about change, about soul searching, about strong woman, about memories, about family, about kids, about the crazy (deep) thoughts that come to my head and about as raw as life can get! I welcome you, and thank you for stepping in my world and for alot of us our world that we live in.


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